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User Testimonials

     "Having to supervise and assess a number of doctoral theses, capstone projects, and review journal articles, I searched for an accurate and user-friendly reference/citation computer program to assist in these academic activities. Citation Checker, developed by Professor David Weiss, is not only accurate according to APA 6th edition publication guidelines, but is very user-friendly. Most importantly, Citation Checker is the biggest time saver in ensuring professional assessment of manuscripts is undertaken. As a Citation Checker user for the last five years, I am constantly impressed with the accuracy, ease of use, the commitment to outstanding customer support, and Weiss’s desire to engage users in product improvement and fulfilling many of their requests. If you want to ensure your references and citations are correct, I would unreservedly recommend Citation Checker, not only to academics, but also to undergraduate and graduate students."

    -- Ken Smith, PhD, Associate Professor, Australian Catholic University

    "Citation Checker is a great tool for those of us who edit academic papers, which can have large numbers of references and in-text citations. It saves me time, frequently spots issues that I would otherwise have missed, and helps me look great with my clients. I especially like that it works on both Mac and PC. Reasonably priced, and the customer service is excellent when I've had an issue. Definitely a useful arrow to have in the editorial quiver."

   -- Brenda Adams, Sr. Writer & Editor, Adams & Company Communications Inc.