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A Science of Decision Making: The Legacy of Ward Edwards

                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

Contributors to Papers Written for This Volume


Introduction by the Editors


Introduction to the List of Ward Edwards’s Publications


Chronological List of Publications Written or Co-Authored by Ward Edwards


I Papers on Behavioral Decision Theory



Chapter 1. Edwards, W. (1954). The theory of decision making.

Psychological Bulletin, 51, 380–417



Chapter 2. Edwards, W. (1961). Behavioral decision theory.

Annual Review of Psychology, 1961, 12, 473–498



Chapter 3. Edwards, W. (1961). Probability learning in 1000 trials.

Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62, 385–394



Chapter 4. Edwards, W. (1962). Dynamic decision theory and

probabilistic information processing.

Human Factors, 4, 59–73 



Chapter 5. Edwards, W. (1962). Subjective probabilities inferred

from decisions. Psychological Review, 69, 109–135 



Chapter 6. Phillips, L. D., & Edwards, W. (1966). Conservatism in a

simple probability inference task. Journal of Experimental

Psychology, 72, 346–354



Chapter 7. Miller, L. W., Kaplan, R. J., & Edwards, W. (1969). JUDGE:

A laboratory evaluation. Organizational Behavior and Human

Performance, 4, 97–111



Chapter 8.  Edwards, W. (1971). Bayesian and regression models of human

information processing—A myopic perspective.

Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, 6, 639–648



Chapter 9. Fryback, D. G., & Edwards, W. (1973). Choices among bets

by Las Vegas gamblers: Absolute and contextual effects.

Journal of Experimental Psychology, 98, 271–278 



Chapter 10. Edwards, W. (1998). Hailfinder: Tools for and experiences with

Bayesian normative modeling. American Psychologist, 53, 416–428


II Papers on Statistics and Methodology



Chapter 11. Edwards, W. (1961). Costs and payoffs are instructions.

Psychological Review, 68, 275–284



Chapter 12. Edwards, W., Lindman, H., & Savage, L. J. (1963).

Bayesian statistical inference for psychological research.

Psychological Review, 70, 193–242



Chapter 13. Edwards, W. (1965). Tactical note on the relation between

scientific and statistical hypotheses. Psychological

Bulletin, 63, 400–402



Chapter 14. Slovic, P., Lichtenstein, S., & Edwards, W. (1965).

Boredom-induced changes in preferences among bets.

American Journal of Psychology, 78, 208–217



Chapter 15. Edwards, W. (1983). Human cognitive capabilities,

representativeness, and ground rules for research.

In P. C. Humphreys, O. Svenson, & A. Vari (Eds.),

Analyzing and aiding decision processes (pp. 507–513).

Amsterdam: North-Holland



Chapter 16. von Winterfeldt, D., & Edwards, W. (1982). Costs and payoffs in

perceptual research. Psychological Bulletin, 91, 609–622



Chapter 17. Edwards, W., Schum, D., & Winkler, R. L. (1990). Murder

and (of?) the likelihood principle: A trialogue.

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 3, 75–87



Chapter 18. Weiss, D. J., & Edwards, W. (2005). A mean for all seasons.

Behavior Research Methods, 37, 677–683



Chapter 19. Weiss, J. W., Edwards, W., & Weiss, D. J. (written for

this volume). The clinical significance decision



Chapter 20. Weiss, D. J., Edwards, W., & Shanteau, J. (written for

this volume).  The measurement of behavior: Indices and standards


III Papers on Diagnosis



Chapter 21. Gustafson, D. H., Edwards, W., Phillips, L. D., & Slack, W. V.

(1969). Subjective probabilities in medical diagnosis.

IEEE Transactions on Man-Machine Systems, MMS-10, 3, 61–65



Chapter 22. Edwards, W. (1972). N = 1: Diagnosis in unique cases.

In J. A. Jacquez (Ed.) Computer diagnosis and diagnostic methods

(pp. 139–151). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas



Chapter 23. Edwards, W. (1973). Divide and conquer: How to use likelihood

and value judgments in decision making. In R. F. Miles, Jr. (Ed.),

Systems concepts: Lectures on contemporary approaches to

systems (pp. 87–110). New York: Wiley 



Chapter 24. Thornbury, J. R., Fryback, D. G., & Edwards, W. (1975).

Likelihood ratios as a measure of the diagnostic usefulness

of excretory urogram information. Radiology, 114, 561–565



Chapter 25. Shanteau, J., Edwards, W., & Weiss, D. J. (written

for this volume). Diagnosis and treatment


IV Papers on Multiattribute Utility



Chapter 26. Gardiner, P.C., & Edwards, W. (1975). Public values:

Multiattribute utility measurement for social decision making.

In M. F. Kaplan & S. Schwartz (Eds.), Human judgment and decision

processes (pp. 1–37). New York: Academic Press



Chapter 27. Edwards, W. (1977). How to use multiattribute utility

measurement for social decisionmaking.

IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, & Cybernetics, 7, 326–340



Chapter 28A. Edwards, W. (1979). Multiattribute utility measurement:

Evaluating desegregation plans in a highly political context.

In R. Perloff (Ed.), Evaluator interventions: Pros and cons

(pp. 13–54). Beverly Hills, CA: Sage



Chapter 28B. Edwards, W. (1980). Reflections on and criticisms of a highly

political multiattribute utility analysis. In L. Cobb & R. M. Thrall

(Eds.), Mathematical frontiers of behavioral and policy

sciences (pp.157–186). Boulder, CO: Westview Press



Chapter 29. Stillwell, W. G., Barron, F. H., & Edwards, W. (1983).

Evaluating credit applications: A validation of multiattribute utility weight

elicitation techniques. Organizational Behavior & Human

Performance, 32, 87–108



Chapter 30. Edwards, W. & Barron, F. H. (1994). SMARTS and

SMARTER: Improved simple methods for multiattribute utility

measurement. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision

Processes, 60, 306–325



Chapter 31. Edwards, W., & Fasolo, B. (2001). Decision technology.

Annual Review of Psychology, 52, 581–606



Chapter 32. Weiss, J. W., Edwards, W., & Mouttapa, M.

(written for this volume). The puzzle of adolescent

substance initiation



Chapter 33. Weiss, J. W., Weiss, D. J., & Edwards, W.

(written for this volume). Big decisions, little decisions:

The hierarchy of everyday life



Chapter 34. Bauer, J., Spackman, S., & Edwards, W. (written for this

volume). The clinical decision tree of oral health in geriatrics



Chapter 35. Weiss, D. J., Edwards, W., & Weiss, J. W. (written for

this volume). Why is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?


V Obituaries



Chapter 36. Dennis G. Fryback, Society for Medical Decision Making

Newsletter, Summer 2005



Chapter 37. Lawrence D. Phillips, European Association for Decision

Making Bulletin, Spring/Summer 2005



Chapter 38. David J. Weiss & James Shanteau, Society for

Judgment/Decision Making Newsletter, March 2005