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What do the Experts Think?

Jeff Rubens (editor of The Bridge World): ”...an important theoretical work. It carries forward substantially the argument that the historical trend toward the opening leader's giving count against suit contracts should be extended dramatically.”... “themes vary widely over the skills required of a superior defender, from delicate technique in very complex layouts to protecting partner from blundering.”

John Swanson (World Champion): “David Weiss has written a book on the most important aspect of the game of bridge: counting and defending intelligently based on the information available.  The collection of 60 deals is presented as problems for the third hand player at trick one.  In a brief introduction, David presents his opening lead methods and shows how they can assist partner.  But regardless of your preferred methods you will find this set of hands instructive and interesting, a book worthy of any player interested in improving his game.”

Terence Reese (World Champion, perhaps the greatest bridge writer ever): “An American book with many new ideas.”

Eddie Kantar (World Champion): "This is one helluva book."