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Purchase Bridge Author's Template


bullet Download Bridge Author's Template (free trial) - limited functionality) (version 4.11; size = 782 KB). Click the mouse normally and Save the file. Follow the installation instructions to begin using the Bridge Author's Template.
bullet After the file downloads, its listing in the Downloads folder should have a WORD template icon besides its name (BridgeAuthor.dot). The icon for a template has an orange tab on the top, in contrast to a document file which has no tab. The icon looks something like this:

It is possible that the file will appear in the Downloads folder without an extension. That can occur because there is a Windows setting that hides extensions. I prefer to see extensions; you can change the setting by unchecking a box (Hide extensions for known file types). For Win 7 and Vista, the check-box is available via Computer, Organize (in the upper left corner), Folder and Search Options, View. For Win 8 and 8.1, the check-box can be found via Control Panel, Folder Options, View. For Windows 10, open Settings and type "folder options" in the search box at the upper right. Then click Change search options for files and folders, then select the View tab, wherein you will see the check-box. The comparable setting on the Mac can be accessed via Finder, Preferences, Advanced, Show all filename extensions; check the box.

If the file does not download correctly, it may be because your anti-virus program has blocked it. Norton is especially prone to block macros, because it is designed to be suspicious of rarely downloaded programs. You need to temporarily turn off Norton's auto-protect function.

Because the file is a template, you should not try to open it. Nothing will happen. All of its content is hidden. The template does its work only when it is attached to a document (your manuscript).

bullet Download the custom dictionary (size = 3 KB) (free). Right click, choose Save Target As..., and name the text file you receive "Bridge.dic". Follow the installation instructions to place the file.

bullet Buy a personalized license for the Bridge Author's Template (it will unlock the trial version and provide full functionality). The price is $10.95 USD. Your license will work for any updated version that may be posted on this site.
bullet Please respect the policy that the program is licensed only to individuals, not to organizations or families. When you purchase the program, you must do so in your own name. The purchaser is entitled to place the license file on up to three computers (home, office, laptop), but may not share the license with colleagues or family members. 

In order to provide your personalized license, I need you to send your name and email address to . As soon as I receive your funds, the license will be emailed to you.

I will accept a personal check by mail, payable to David J. Weiss. The check must be in US funds, and should be mailed to David J. Weiss, 3571 E. Camelia Lane, Brea, CA. 92823. The license will be emailed when your check clears.

However, I recommend that you pay electronically using PayPal. With Paypal, you may use any major credit or debit card, and there is no charge to you (I pay a small fee for each transaction). Just click on the logo to reach the Paypal site:

You do not have to be a member of Paypal to use the service (If you are a member, you can save a few keystrokes.) You will receive the license more quickly when the transaction is carried out electronically.

California does not impose sales tax on software that is downloaded or sent by email.

Privacy Pledge: Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.