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Bridge Articles That Didn't Make it to Magazines

Here are some articles that either appeared in local bridge newspapers or were not accepted by bridge magazines. I don't think these articles are less interesting than those of mine that have been published in the leading magazines, but I am biased.

This Swiss Match was rejected by Jeff Rubens for The Bridge World largely because he didn't agree with my bidding recommendations. Bidding is always more controversial than card play. That's why every bridge periodical features a bidding panel, but card play articles appear singly-authored. Some of the card play problems in this article were resurrected in the published article "Avoiding the Midnight Oil".

This article on Bailey Two-bids, advocating their use at IMPs, was scooped by L. Andrew Campbell's expository article in the Bridge World.

Here's a recounting, presented in quiz format, of some huge IMP swings. I first reported these hands in the Southern California Bridge News.

Looking at an oft-analyzed suit combination from the perspective of both offense and defense was the theme of this note, which was considered too brief to constitute a proper article.