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Known Errors in the Textbook

Errors in the 2006 edition

p. 29: there should be an additional arrow-tipped line, one that connects the circle to the "yellow" box

p. 37: fourth entry in the order presented on the sixth line of the first paragraph should be 12 (not 11)

p. 180, Exercise 12-5: switch column labels (Without clinic, With clinic)

p. 184, Answer to Exercise 12-1: The answer should include a statement that the attrition ANOVA table shows no significant effects

p. 185, Answer to Exercise 12-2: Remove asterisk from F-ratio of 3.82

p. 202, second table: for source A, the F of 6.87 should have an asterisk after it

p. 218, 4th line from bottom: subscript for second term should be A (wAsA1-wAsA2)

p. 238, Answer to Exercise 14-1: Within df should be 16 for all three clients.